Trends in Face Recognition Software

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Trends in face recognition software are constantly going through amazing changes. According to Trend Report, the future of face recognition technology could include advanced security invention such as car ignitions that work with face recognition and access to your bank account via a retinal scan. Changes in face recognition trends could also include different ways to pay for your items at a store, and even more web security that we have today. Imagine being able to go to a counter and smile at the camera and walk away without having to hand over any cash or pull out a debit card. Face recognition technology could make that possible. In our next 2 articles, we will focus on trends in face recognition software.

Paying with a Smile

In our first paragraph, we mentioned being able to pay for items at a store with nothing but a smile. An article in Apiumhub tells us that this is already a reality. In fact, the article shares that in 2017, a customer Hangzhou, China was able to do just that. The customer walked into a Kentucky Fried Chicken and place an order. Once the food was ready, the customer simply looked into a camera, smiled, and walked away. To the casual observer, it may seem as though this customer got away without paying for the meal. The truth is that face recognition software allowed the camera to scan that customer’s face, connect with his or her bank account, and deduct the cost of the meal from the customer’s account, much the same way that a debit card would.

Stopping Identity Theft

Identity theft has become a huge problem in the world. Identity thieves can take a person’s finances, their driver’s license, insurance information, social security, and even medical records with identity theft. Identity thieves can even file for your tax refund and get the money that belongs to you. But facial recognition software can stop them dead in their tracks. In fact, according to the same article in Apiumhub, an identity thief was taken into custody at an airport in Washington, D.C. in 2018. The thief had taken over another person’s identity and was using a fake French passport to travel. Facial recognition software was able to identify that the person was not who they claimed to be.

Detecting Emotions

As Gemalto explains, face recognition software is also capable of detecting human emotions such as sadness, joy, fear, anger, or surprise. Dynamic models, 3D models, and eigenfaces models can all be used for this purpose. This can be used in retail to detect the emotions of a customer and determine which products and services might be interesting to that customer. It can also help detect mood when a customer enters a store, scrolls a website, or looks at social media. By learning what makes a customer happy, retailers can cater their offerings to the customer to provide a more pleasurable shopping experience.

Those are just a few of the trends in face recognition software. Next week we will look at a few more.