More Top Face Recognition Applications to Watch

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Last week, we looked at the top face recognition applications to watch. In this article, we will take a look t a few more face recognition apps and find out what they do and how they can benefit you. There are many of these apps available on both Apple and Android products, and many of them not only recognize faces but other objects as well. Some even recognize locations! Let take a look at a few more of these interesting apps.


  1. FaceFirst – FaceFirst has gained popularity for its ability to help law enforcement and the military. According to its website, this face recognition app “gives the user the ability to take photographs of persons in the field and instantly match them against a database of known individuals.” In other words, if you see someone who looks suspicious or could be a suspect that the police or military is looking for, you could simply snap their photo and upload it to see if it is a match to known suspects, criminals, or terrorists.To quote the FaceFirst website, it can scale without performance loss and share data across unlimited locations, maintain high performance with challenging angles and lighting conditions to give accuracy in the wild, work with almost any camera provider or device that has a camera, easily integrate into other platforms, and give real-time alerts via mobile push notifications, emails, and text messaging.
  2. LogMe – On its website, LogMe calls itself “your favourite face recognition application.” It is available on both the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. AppAdvice shares that this app is a search engine that is based on both similarity and distance. It allows the user to compare photos of other users and find those who have similar features to identify unknown people. It is actually a free app that can link to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.As explained on the LogMe website, this facial recognition app makes it easy for the user to upload an image from his or her camera phone, gallery, or social media account. The app will then detect and extract faces from the photo that you uploaded. If you snap a photo of a crowd and think you recognize someone in the photo later, you can upload that photo to LogMe and see if that person is someone that you know. You may even be able to send private messages to other users who have uploaded their photos to the app and connect with the person who was in your photo.

Those are just a couple more of the amazing face recognition applications to watch. Of course, technological advances are taking place at very rapid rates and the number of incredible face recognition apps increase just as quickly. Next week, we will look at face recognition and its application in advertising.