Top Face Recognition Applications to Watch

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In our previous articles, we have taken a look at how face recognition software can help law enforcement officials locate criminals, find missing children, and even rescue sex trafficking victims. We have also seen how this technology can make it harder for suspected terrorists to enter a country or crowded concert or football game. We have even taken a look at how face recognition technology can help advertisers and marketers to better understand their target audience or even decided which audience to target. But what about face recognition applications? What do these apps do, and which are the face recognition applications to watch?

  1. Blippar – According to FaceFirst, Blippar is an augmented reality app that claims to have a large database of images of everyday objects, such as animals, plants, landmarks, and even a plate of food. Blippar includes face recognition as well. When this facial recognition app was demoed at an Inspire Conference in 2001, it was introduced as “the first universal augmented reality platform aimed at advertisers.” The Next Web shares that the app was not just created to recognize faces or provide customer information to marketers, it actually demonstrates a product for your potential customers.The way that this app works is quite simple for the user. A person simply waves the camera of their smartphone over products which have been signed up for the application by their companies. That product will magically come to life right before the eyes of the user. As the article explains, “It’s like a 3D website that jumps out at you from a static label or poster.” Companies which sign their brands up for this app could gain a lot of attention from potential customers, especially younger ones. They can play augmented reality games and use the app to identify wildlife.
  2. Face2Gene – At the moment, this app is only available to licensed medical professionals in order to avoid the public using it for self-diagnosis. The Face2Gene face recognition app is said to be the best app for healthcare professionals by LifeWire. Using extensive biometric data, the app helps doctors and nurses to make a diagnosis. By analyzing the faces of patients, the app can detect “morphological features” which could point to certain diseases or disorders that the patient could suffer from.According to its website, Face2Gene is an enhanced patient evaluation tool that features next-generation phenotyping. It can detect phenotypes and reveal both facial and non-facial features, review matches of relevant syndromes, and access resources to help with diagnosis. Lifewire shares, “The app also links to the London Medical Database where healthcare professionals can browse photos and information related to different illnesses.” Face2Gene’s site also says that the app can “give and receive clinical feedback, submit cases to the unknown forum’s expert review panel, and set up enhanced case reviews with your team.
  3. AppLovin – On their website, Applovin invites you to “Launch chart-topping games and build your business.” TechCrunch shares that AppLovin face recognition app started out as just a simple mobile ad business but has expanded to bill itself as a “comprehensive mobile gaming platform offering tools for game developers around user acquisition, monetization, analytics, and publishing.”

All of these are face recognition applications to watch. In our next week’s article, we will look at a few more facial recognition apps that you might want to keep an eye on.