More Benefits of Face Recognition

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In our previous articles, we have looked over the history of face recognition, what face recognition software does, and different face recognition trends in the world today. Face recognition started out as an almost secretive project funded by government agencies to be used as a way to recognize criminals and terrorist coming into the United States. But it was not very accurate in its early stages. Over time, it has increased to almost perfect percentages when tests for how well often it correctly recognizes an image of someone’s face. And it has grown far beyond simply being used for law enforcement and government agencies. Face recognition technology now has many benefits for governments, law enforcement, marketing companies, and the public. In our last article, we discussed a few benefits of facial recognition. Here are a few more of the benefits of face recognition.

It is Easily Integrated

According to the article from UpWork, face recognition software is easily integrated into almost any security system. In most cases, the facial recognition tools will work almost flawlessly with any security system that your company has already installed. There is no need to install a whole new security system in order to integrate facial recognition technology. It is also simple to program the face recognition system to interact with your company’s existing computer system. This prevents your company from needing to spend extra money and time on getting a new security system or redeveloping your existing hardware to integrate with face recognition tech.

It is Very Accurate

Face recognition technology is also highly accurate, with an almost perfect rate of success in tracking faces. In fact, with the invention of face recognition 3D along with infrared cameras, it is almost impossible to trick this technology, which means it is also secure. You can use this technology to keep track of the attendance in any concert, ball game, or other large gatherings, as well as keep up with who has entered your company’s building, restaurant, or home.

With this high level of accuracy, there is less chance of an embarrassing incident like the one that happened when Apple first introduced face recognition iPhone X and it couldn’t recognize its owner’s faces. The newer face recognition software features accuracy that won’t leave you guessing whether or not you have the right person. Identification of a person is almost instantaneous.

It Removes the Opportunity for Workers to Cheat on Timecards

Perhaps one of the most money-saving aspects of face recognition systems is the fact that it can save you money on payroll. That’s because this technology makes it almost impossible for an employee to cheat on their time cards. In places where time cards are written or hours are clocked manually, it is very easy for someone to exaggerate their time a bit and get paid for the time that they were not actually at work. But this can be done with a time card machine as well.

As long as there have been time card machines, there have been friends who were willing to “clock in” their other friends who were not actually at work yet. Timecard fraud is one of the most prevalent ways that workers cheat their employers. With face recognition systems, a person must actually be there in person and show their face in order to clock in. This could save companies thousands of dollars.

Those are a few more of the benefits of face recognition technology and its uses for today.