Benefits of Face Recognition

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Over the last few weeks we have looked over the history of face recognition, what face recognition software does, and different face recognition trends in the world today. Face recognition started out as an almost secretive project funded by government agencies to be used as a way to recognize criminals and terrorists coming into the United States. But it was not very accurate in its early stages.

Over time, it has increased to almost perfect percentages when tested for how often it correctly recognizes an image of someone’s face. And it has grown far beyond simply being used for law enforcement and government agencies. Face recognition technology now has many benefits for governments, law enforcement, marketing companies, and the public. Here are a few of the benefits of face recognition.

Face Recognition Improves Security

Aside from the obvious benefit of alerting officials when terrorists are attempting to enter a country, face recognition technology can also increase security for stores, corporations, hotels, and other public places. Using face recognition algorithms, a corporation can keep track of every person who enters that company’s building. This software can track every employee as well as any visitor who walks through the doors of the business. If that company has a database of the people who are supposed to be in that building, then the face recognition system could alert security if a person enters who should not be there.

This could also work in the case of a robbery suspect, bank robber, or any other criminal who may be suspected of a crime but has not yet been apprehended. If that suspect attempted to enter a similar place of business or chose to return to the scene of his or her alleged crimes, face recognition software could alert the store or bank manager as soon as that person enters their business so that they can keep an eye on the person and alert authorities. This could be implemented into schools, restaurants, stadiums, airports, and any location where crowds gather and suspected criminals may attempt to commit a crime. As Medium explains, “facial recognition can help identify terrorists or any other criminals with the help of the face scan only.”

Face Recognition can Fight Gambling Addiction

According to a post from Notting Hill Media, a face recognition system can actually help fight gambling addictions. There are almost 600,000 people battling a gambling addiction in the UK alone. Gambling costs people their jobs, their homes, their families; just as bad as any addiction to drugs, gambling can even cost you your health. In fact, it has become a serious health issue and face recognition can help. “How is that possible?” you may ask. It is actually quite simple.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has recognized the issue of gambling addiction and, with the aid of face recognition software, is taking steps to lower the chances of an addict getting out of control and losing everything. Face recognition can keep track of casino customers and help gambling companies protect them.

With the large crowds that are drawn by casinos, it is difficult for human security to remember and keep track of all of the faces, but face recognition technology has no problem doing so. Those people who are known to be gambling addicts would be “watched” by the technology and security could be made aware if that person goes too far in a day’s gambling. For those who sign up for it, this technology could even help them to say, “No” when they are unable to do so themselves.

Those are a couple of the benefits of face recognition. Of course, there are many other ways that it can help the public as well as governments and corporations. In our next few articles, we will look at more of the benefits of face recognition and what it means for you.